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2018 WFOE In China Checklist

thinking of opening a company in China? This free guide, created by our experts, supports you through your wfoe setup process.


People often ask us how the WFOE registration process works, so we created this free checklist in plain English to help explain it. 

One of the worst things for new businesses is wasting time, and by using this checklist to track where you are in the process and assure that you've gathered the right documents, you'll be saving a lot of time and stress.

Use this checklist to:

  • Prepare all the necessary documentation in advance
  • Check off tasks as they happen (it's a printable checklist)
  • Track the entire WFOE set up procedure from start to finish
  • Free up time to focus on managing your other important business activities 

Fill in the form on this page to download your free 2018 WFOE checklist! 

Please fill out the form to get your 2018 checklist

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