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March 6, 2016

10 tips from the pros on doing business in China

Lessons from the author of China in Motion Today, China has become a place that business people from all over the world have recognized as one that they simply have to figure out how to do business in...
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February 23, 2016

Doing business in China: How US companies see it in 2016 (infographic)

Is doing business in China still worth it? Last year we brought you a breakdown of an infographic from the folks over at Bain & Company on how US companies view the business climate in China, and look...
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January 17, 2016

Doing Business In China's Future: China Work Visa & Labor Import Shift

  China's shrinking workforce is well documented, and the shifting demographic from working age to elderly retired people is leading to labor shortages across the country. So with this in mind, what i...
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January 16, 2016

Free WFOE 101 talk: Reducing tax liability for companies in Shenzhen

  Hongda Business Services is hosting a networking event on the 20th of February where we will meet up to discuss tax matters pertaining to tax liability for companies in Shenzhen. If you currently ru...
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January 12, 2016

Shenzhen is THE place for starting a business in China! [Infographic]

Business in China at its finest Shenzhen, the brainchild of former statesman Deng Xiaoping, and the PRC's first shot at creating an experimental ground for practice of market capitalism, is a modern d...
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January 10, 2016

Setting Up A Business In Shenzhen? Answer These Questions First!

So, you're going to open a business in Shenzhen and you've chosen to set up a WFOE. But are there any important questions to consider before going through the company setup process? Yes! Let's go thro...
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January 6, 2016

The Foreign Company's Guide To Business In Shenzhen [FREE eBook]

Business in Shenzhen: China's most competitive city  Shenzhen, the youthful city with a 35 year 'long' history is shaping its own destiny as it continues to open its doors to the future of business in...
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January 5, 2016

The one thing E-commerce companies NEED when doing business in China

E-commerce in China is mega bucks! For most of us around the world November 11th is a day just like any other, but in China this day (also known as “Single’s Day”) is a day where online shopping takes...
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December 13, 2015

Why Hong Kong Company Registry Helps To Avoid Chinese Litigation

When doing business in China as a foreign company you may not have considered the affect of Chinese culture on civil law and the upholding of contracts there. Many rumours swirl around that in China '...
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November 24, 2015

Hongda's BIG 5 cities for business in China's GPRD region (2)

Business in China and the Guangdong PRD In last time's article I introduced you to two of the heavyweights of the Greater Pearl River Delta region (GPRD), Guangzhou and Shenzhen. We took a look at the...
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