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"What The Heck Is The QianHai Special Economic Zone?"

Learn what makes the QianHai zone special, how you can get its many tax breaks and financial benefits, and which kinds of company you can set up there.


The QianHai Special Economic Zone could be the perfect location for your Chinese company! Here's why...

This new SEZ (Special Economic Zone) in Shenzhen is spearheading China's economic and financial reforms in the following years. To entice foreign companies to open up there the government is offering amazing benefits and tax breaks to you, but often only if you ask!

This FREE eBook will explain:

  • Where and what QianHai is, and the benefits of its location next to Hong Kong
  • QianHai's goals to reform China's economy and financial systems
  • The many financial and business benefits of QianHai available to you, such as tax breaks, free business premises, and loans in HK$, AND how to get them
  • Types of QianHai company that may suit your business and how to open them
  • And much more about this exciting new area!

Ready? Simply fill in the form to download your FREE copy of "What The Heck Is The QianHai Special Economic Zone?" and get ready to be amazed! 

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