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China business services in Shenzhen, Guangdong & Shanghai

Our China business services make starting and running companies in China simple



Setting up a company in China is hard for foreign businesses, and involves many 'moving parts' and complex Chinese bureaucracy.

Hongda's experts reduce your stress with this package where we open your Chinese WFOE, set up and handle your bookkeeping for a year, and apply for a work visa for the company's legal representative; all included for one low price!

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Seeking to open a company in Qianhai, Shenzhen’s burgeoning commercial development zone?

Be at the forefront of commerce in China, and let Hongda Business Services assist you in your Qianhai company setup. You’ll benefit from lower corporate income tax, Hong Kong banking, Hong Kong telecoms, and free trade zone.

Qianhai has different regulations to the rest of Shenzhen, but Hongda’s experts are familiar with them and can get your company set up quickly and smoothly.

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Joint Venture In China Setup

Joint ventures provide foreign companies with access to the Chinese market, especially in restricted industries.

Joining forces with a local partner gives foreign companies an immediate advantage in local knowledge, network, and customer base, over going it alone.

Hongda’s experts can assist companies to form beneficial partnerships that are equitable to both parties and provide the most access to the Chinese market in a fair and transparent way.

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A China representative office is great for giving your foreign company a local presence in China. You’ll benefit from improved sales, better customer support, and the ability to speak in person with local contacts.

If a China representative office is for you, our experts at Hongda Business Services can open it swiftly, simply, and with the minimum of hassle.

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Hong Kong Company Registry

Taking only around 2 weeks to set up, a Hong Kong company benefits from Hong Kong’s low corporate tax burden, freedom to transfer capital in or out of the territory with no restrictions, and no requirement to rent an actual office.

With easy access to mainland China too, a Hong Kong company is a great option for any business needing to open a presence in Asia.

At Hongda Business Services we often suggest a Hong Kong company registry as being the first step on the road to having a presence in Mainland China itself.

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Interested in setting up a China WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) in Shenzhen or the PRD?

You’ll have unparalleled autonomy, can hire foreign staff, operate legally in China and can make profit in Chinese Yuan.

The experts at Hongda Business Services have set up WFOEs for hundreds of foreign companies like yours since 2007. This is one of our most popular China business services.

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China Accounting, Taxes & Auditing In Shenzhen & Guangdong

Companies in China need to be produce and file monthly and quarterly accounting records to abide by Chinese law. We handle your bookkeeping, maximise tax breaks for every transaction, prepare monthly financial statements, business tax return, and quarterly corporate tax returns.

We also provide experienced CPAs to help you pass your yearly audit with a minimum of stress.

We will use our decades of experience to make sure that your business is paying only taxes which are necessary, and is able to benefit from as many tax breaks and rebates as possible.

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Hong Kong Tax, Accountancy & Auditing

Hong Kong requires that all businesses file an annual tax return on their profits with the HK Inland Revenue, and undergo an annual accounts audit performed by an independent CPA.

Hongda Business Services will handle your regular accounting and tax filing, offering you peace of mind that your books are compliant. We also partner with some of the best CPAs in Hong Kong to make sure you pass your audit with flying colours.

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China Trademark registration

Foreign companies with a presence in China need to protect their intellectual property.

Trademarks filed overseas may not be protected in China, and so Hongda Business Services consults your business and then our team of specialised China trademark and patent attorneys will make sure that your IP is safe in China.

To do this we offer patent application and protection, patent application filing, patent licensing and assignment, and consultation and search of trademarks. Should your trademark be infringed or counterfeited in China, we will assist in seeking damages.

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