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03 October 2018

by Bobby Lee


New changes regarding China individual income tax regulations are now in place. More on what expats and business owners need to know about these changes (and how they can reduce their own taxable income) here.

20 September 2018

by Bobby Lee


If you haven’t already heard, China has opened up visa-free travel to Hainan island.

This type of travel policy is unprecedented for China.

The effort hopes to boost tourism and the local economy.

Those looking to take advantage of business opportunities on the island, or satisfy their wanderlust stand to gain a lot from this accessibility.

But, this policy only stands to benefit nationals from 59 countries.

Want to know if your country made it onto the list? Find out more here.

19 September 2018

by Bobby Lee


Since the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Zone, more and more foreign entrepreneurs have come to the island in search for business opportunities. 

Hongda's guided business trip to Hainan island took place between July 11-14th 2018 and China's most popular area for foreign investors to base companies did not disappoint!

Read on to learn what some of the attendees had to say about the exciting opportunities it presents.

22 June 2018

by Bobby Lee


The rise of Shenzhen is certainly one of those places you simply have to experience first hand to truly understand what the 'New China' looks like.

The allure of the city and everything it can offer expats is evident in the increasingly large number of foreigners that are now living in Shenzhen.

But, not everything is 100% clear when it comes to residing lawfully in the city.

Luckily, the city's 'Entry-Exit Public Bureau' recently released a notice that goes over 8 important things expats absolutely need to know about staying in the city.

Whether you're looking to study Mandarin at the local university, visit some factories, or simply sightsee for a few days, this quick list should help you find yourself on the right side of the law.

15 June 2018

by Bobby Lee


Between July 11-14th 2018 Hongda is running a guided business trip to Hainan for foreign investors who are interested in exploring its many opportunities and benefits.

Interested in joining us? Read on to learn more about the trip, and why it's going to be really useful!

25 May 2018

by Bobby Lee


Hongda are making it easier than ever to open and run a company in China.

We've combined the things that foreign companies need most into one affordable and easy-to-understand China company registration package:

  • Set up your WFOE in China 
  • Administer your company's bookkeeping for 1 year

This package takes the guesswork, inconvenience, and confusion out of China company registration, as our experts take the strain, leaving you to get on with business.

Keep reading to learn more about this exciting package...

18 May 2018

by Bobby Lee


WFOE formation in China is bureaucratic, time-consuming, and involves complex Chinese language documents. While we cannot change the system,  we've created this simple checklist in plain English that you can use to assure that you've gathered precisely the documents required for a smoother, faster, registration process.

It's a free download, so if you're considering opening a Chinese company, get your copy here...

15 May 2018

by Bobby Lee


Foreign investors looking at setting up a WFOE in China could do a lot worse than consider HaiNan. But what is that makes this touristy island province so special?

04 May 2018

by Bobby Lee


Taking the leap to open a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China is a big step and can seem overwhelming at first. Once you start doing the research you’ll undoubtedly find contrasting information on what you should be doing, how, and what the cost of setting up a WFOE in China will be; and, more importantly, what the current minimum capital investment requirements are.

02 May 2018

by Bobby Lee


Hongda has moved office in Nanshan District! Read on to get the full details and location, as many people in the West of Shenzhen find it more convenient to visit us in Nanshan instead of at our Luo Hu HQ.

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