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China Business Services Blog

Where foreign investors in China go to stay updated

08 December 2017

by Bobby Lee


Opening a business in China? You'll be given many important documents, not least the new China five-in-one business license. The 'lease registration certificate' is a little-known, but increasingly key document. Let's explore why in this post.

30 November 2017

by Bobby Lee


We're often asked if Hong Kong company registry is necessary as a prerequisite for setting up a WFOE in China. Many rumours and anecdotes are floating around about if this is a good idea for foreign investors.

Let's explore if this scenario suits you here.

22 November 2017

by Bobby Lee


It's no secret that it remains difficult for Hong Kong companies to open a business bank account in Hong Kong!
So if this is affecting you, do you quit, or is there another way?
Luckily you can now open an offshore business bank account in Shenzhen. Let's explore this in this blog post...

13 November 2017

by Bobby Lee


Welcome along to 2018's China public holiday schedule.

Regardless of whether you're running a business in China, or deal with Chinese suppliers or customers, make a note of these holiday dates as they're bound to affect your business in some way.

07 November 2017

by Bobby Lee


It was always the case that using a Hong Kong company as the investment vehicle was the easiest way to open Shenzhen QianHai companies, but there are some rule changes about this route. So is it still the most convenient way?

23 October 2017

by Bobby Lee


The 5-day visa on arrival at the border between China and Hong Kong was reintroduced earlier this year. We’ve gathered all the up-to-date information on who, where, when and how you can obtain a 5-day visa at the Shenzhen border, and how much it costs.

16 October 2017

by Bobby Lee


On October 11th, new Hong Kong Chief Executive, Mrs. Carrie Lam, announced measures to stimulate the economy, including Hong Kong tax cuts to profit tax.

If you are currently running a Hong Kong company, or are looking into undertaking Hong Kong company registry soon, let's look at this good news in a bit more detail...

09 October 2017

by Bobby Lee


Knowing how to name a Chinese company is an important piece of knowledge for foreign investors who're intending on starting a business in China.

There is a certain set of rules that must be followed when naming a new company. Read on to learn more...

29 September 2017

by Bobby Lee


Foreign-owned companies in China may be eligible for a China tax rebate without even knowing it!
In this post I'll describe the process of how to get a tax rebate in China...

13 September 2017

by Bobby Lee


Part of setting up a WFOE in China is defining who fills the roles that the government demands information on in order to open the company, namely China WFOE legal representative and China company supervisor/s.

Let's look at what these roles are, and who can fill them, in this post...

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