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China Business Services Blog

Where foreign investors in China go to stay updated

15 February 2018

by Bobby Lee


How close are you, or your foreign staff, to needing to renew their China work visa (permit)?

If you answered soon then this blog post is for you! Read on to find out why a change in regulations affects you...

26 January 2018

by Bobby Lee


Many articles you may read on Chinese business culture are well-meaning, but for foreigners who haven't travelled to China for business before and are uninitiated, they could add to the sense of unease about "how you'll cope somewhere so foreign."

It's 2018 now, and China is a very modern country. Let's dispel some of the common myths and lay out some advice to current questions.

12 January 2018

by Bobby Lee


China is a fertile investment environment, but gaining new financing here up to now was complex.

The QianHai Equity Exchange makes winning investment very simple and streamlined, so as a foreign SME company why not take advantage of this..?

04 January 2018

by Bobby Lee


The rates of China taxes for both expat employees and businesses are perhaps higher than you'd imagine.

For instance, expats can expect to pay between 25% to 45% IIT (Individual Income Tax) on earnings, and companies have a CIT (Corporate Income Tax) rate of 25%.

Can we reduce these? Yes. Here's how...

26 December 2017

by Bobby Lee


A client recently asked me this question, and it's not the first time that I've heard this.
The answer about whether your business will benefit from a representative office in China really depends on your circumstances, so let's look into it in this post...

16 December 2017

by Bobby Lee


With China increasing in popularity as a destination for expats to work in, writing this blog post, where I will explain two of the most important China work visa requirements, makes total sense.

Are you coming to China to work soon, or thinking about it? Read on...

08 December 2017

by Bobby Lee


Opening a business in China? You'll be given many important documents, not least the new China five-in-one business license. The 'lease registration certificate' is a little-known, but increasingly key document. Let's explore why in this post.

30 November 2017

by Bobby Lee


We're often asked if Hong Kong company registry is necessary as a prerequisite for setting up a WFOE in China. Many rumours and anecdotes are floating around about if this is a good idea for foreign investors.

Let's explore if this scenario suits you here.

22 November 2017

by Bobby Lee


It's no secret that it remains difficult for Hong Kong companies to open a business bank account in Hong Kong!
So if this is affecting you, do you quit, or is there another way?
Luckily you can now open an offshore business bank account in Shenzhen. Let's explore this in this blog post...

13 November 2017

by Bobby Lee


Welcome along to 2018's China public holiday schedule.

Regardless of whether you're running a business in China, or deal with Chinese suppliers or customers, make a note of these holiday dates as they're bound to affect your business in some way.

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