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Work Permit and
Resident Permit

Excited about a different life working and living in China? Don’t forget to check your visa, work permit and residence permit. Let Hongda help you with applying work permit and residence to make your stay legal.


Which visa or residence permit can Hongda help you with? 

Since 2007, Hongda has been assisting foreigners, and residents from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan with applications of working permits, working visa, and residence permits.

In order to work and stay in China for employment purposes legally, there are several documents and permits that you need to apply:

  • Foreigner’s work permit notification letter: a document needed when you are applying for a Z-type visa at an overseas Chinese embassy of consulates;
  • Z-type corporate invitation letter: document for a temporary stay up to 30 days in average;
  • Employment residence permit: to stay and work in China for over 30 days, an employment residence permit is needed in place of a visa;

Hongda Business Services offer an easy China Work Permit application service to anyone planning on working here long term.

What Documents Do You Need to Apply for Working Visa or Employment Residence Permit?

To apply for a Chinese working visa and employment residence permit should have the following documents. If you haven’t got your company registered in China, you can also see how Hongda helps you form your WFOE, Joint Venture, or Representative Office to start your business here.


Materials for working visa and employment residence permit as an employer:

  • Company’s business license;

  • Information about legal representative: copy of ID or passport, valid telephone number and email address;

  • Information about a contact person in the company: copy of ID, valid telephone number and email address;

  • Company’s telephone number;

  • Certificate or contract of office renting;


Materials for working visa and employment residence permit as an employee:

  • Scan copy of passport information page;
  • Copy of highest degree diploma, certified and notarized by Chinese embassy or consulates;
  • No criminal record issued within 6 months, certified and notarized by Chinese embassy or consulates;
  • Certificate letter from your previous employer covering at least 2 years of your working experience;
  • Labor contract with your Chinese employer, including details such as job position, location, responsibilities and monthly salary;
  • Your Résumé about previous education backgrounds and working experience within previous 10 years;
  • Physical examination report;
  • White background ID photo;
  • Personal information such as telephone number, email address, marriage status, etc.


What Will Hongda Do To Handle My Work Permit and Residence Permit Application?

Hongda will guide and help you throughout your materials gathering and application procedures. When you have all the documents prepared, Hongda will apply for your work permit and residence permit through online and offline application processes. This whole process includes:

  • Guidance on materials preparation;
  • Evaluation of applicant’s background and situation to provide an appropriate application plan;
  • Application form filling and submitting to relevant government departments;
  • Visits to police and government offices for permit collections;
  • Guidance on residence permit interview preparation;

Special privileges by Hongda's Visa and Residence Permit Package:

  • Thanks to Hongda’s close and strong public relationship with local government departments, your visa and residence permit application in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and Zhongshan can be processed faster, making the whole process easier and more reliable;
  • If you meet a higher standard in Hainan, Hongda can assist you to apply for a working permit and employment residence permit for up to 2 years;
  • For qualified applicants working in Shenzhen, Hongda could normally help you apply for a working permit and residence permit with a validity of 1 year.

For more details on applying for work permit and resident permit, please click below to arrange to speak with us.


Cooperating with Hongda is a joyful experience of sharing our expertise, passion and dedication.

Our professions and determines reassure our clients, as they will fully aware our passion the pursuit for perfection in everything we do.



Consultation & Proposal

We (can) advise you on the best solution for your business model and send you our comprehensive proposal.


Signing & Payment

After reviewing the proposal, we sign the service contract and receive your payment.


Preparing Documents

We send you an application form as well as the list of documents we need from your side.


Take a Break

Sit back, relax and let us take care of everything from here on out.


Why should I apply for work permit and residence permit before starting my work in China?

According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the P.R.C, all foreigners must apply for working visa before entering China, and apply for work permit and employment residence permit before starting working in China.

  • Article 25. Foreigners shall not be allowed to enter China if: may engage in activities not conform to the types of visa;
  • Article 43. The following acts of foreigners shall be deemed unlawful employment: work in China without obtaining work permits or work-type residence permits in accordance with relevant regulations;


I am a shareholder of a company in which I will be taking no actual position. Do I have to apply for work permit in China?

The shareholders are considered the investors of the company. If you will not engage in any job position nor work in China, you will not have to apply for work permit.

What is the standard procedure of applying for work permit and residence permit?

The typical process includes the following steps:

  • Preparation of Materials;
  • Apply for Foreigner’s work permit notification letter;
  • Apply for Z-type visa from the Chinese embassy or consulates in your country with Foreigner’s work permit notification letter;
  • Enter China with Z-type visa;
  • Apply for work permit card;
  • Apply for employment residence permit;


What documents do I need to prepare for the application?

The general documents and materials that you need to prepare include:

  • Labor contract with your employer;
  • Non-criminal record from your home country;
  • Diploma of your highest degree;
  • Physical examination report;
  • Employment confirmation letter from your previous employers;
  • Application form;
  • Copy of Passport;
  • Photo;
  • Document about the accompanying family members (if any);

What should I do if I lost my passport or work permit card?

You should immediately report to your employer or the service provider who helped you with your application. They will submit application to help you get your new work permit card.

How long will the application process take from the beginning?

Generally the whole process will take about 1.5 to 2 months from the application of work permit notification letter to your residence permit. However, for applicants who are planning to apply in type A, according to the classification, the process can take less time.

Can I find a new job with another employer in China during my work?

Yes. Firstly, your previous employer will cancel your work permit and residence permit with the local administration, and you should apply for a short-term stay visa with a valid period of up to 30 days with the documents from your previous employer. During this 30-day stay, your new employer should apply for the transfer of your work permit and residence permit. Please make sure that your new boss has been ready for the process before cancelling your work permit!

As a foreigner, do I have to purchase social insurance like my local colleagues do?

Yes. According to the latest policies, all foreigners working in China need to purchase social insurance.


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