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Law Assistance and Legal Services

Your in-house business consultants who solve compliance related problems and protect your business assets.

Reliable In-house Legal Consultants

Foreigners may hardly avoid civil and commercial disputes when living and working in China, and need to know the channels, methods of dispute resolution and the available legal aid.

We briefly introduce the available legal service according to the Law on People’s Mediation, the Arbitration Law, the Civil Procedure Law, the Criminal Procedure Law, the Regulation on Legal Aid, and other relevant laws, regulations and judicial interpretations, to help understand and master a variety of legal ways to resolve disputes and protect their lawful rights and interests.

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What Hongda Can Do for You


Contract proofreading

Legal careers are notoriously busy careers that tend to involve a great deal of professional writing. Pleadings, briefs, contracts, letters and memoranda are produced daily by lawyers, and many legal professionals also write scholarly articles and books, practice guidance notes and manuals, research reports and presentations, webinars and other instructional material, legal updates and checklists, and a host of other documents essential to their jobs. These are documents that must be written with clarity and precision based on extensive research and discussion. They are also documents that require careful legal editing and proofreading, with not only the professional image of the writer and his or her law firm at stake, but also the life, livelihood and peace of mind of clients. However, such essential legal manuscript editing, journal editing and dissertation proofreading can take a significant amount of time – time that many legal practitioners simply do not have. Fortunately, the legal editors and proofreaders available through Hongda have the time to dedicate exacting attention to your writing. As experts in the English language and specialists in legal writing of all kinds, they can give you more confidence in the documents you produce.


Assist in communication with local factory

It has never been more important to communicate effectively with cooperative partner. Whether it’s to encourage greater self-service or to promote understanding of local priorities, effective communication has the power to engage business, challenge misconception and help your team achieve its objectives. Here you’ll find advice and guidance on communicating some key issues facing local factory and examples of best practice from across our experts.


Share transfer agreement proofreading

Limited company shares can be transferred or sold just like any other form of property. We offer a professional service for those who wish to transfer shares from one shareholder to another, including all compliance paperwork.


Labour dispute handling

Labour advice Services are provided by our qualified and experienced Industrial Relations Consultant who proactively seeks to mitigate risks within your business and reduce conflict as well as add value to business operations by implementing practical solutions that assist management in coping with Labor legislation requirements.


Enterprise basic information report

In an era of information flooding, finding suitable and accurate information is like finding a needle in a haystack. The lack of information will undoubtedly lead to a major adverse impact on the management's decision-making, and even pose a huge risk. Business search can help you make correct business decisions in a rapidly changing business society.


Due diligence

In today's financial transactions, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), initial public offerings (IPO), equity investments (PE), venture capital (VC), and other investments become riskier than before. In addition to the company's financial and funding sources, political and reputation factors, as well as increasingly stringent supervision and regulations, all require more comprehensive due diligence.

Due diligence refers to the investigation of all aspects related to the transaction on the target company / person. This includes a comprehensive understanding of the companys historical data and documents, the background of management, market risks, management risks, technical risks and capital risks, as well as relevant legal records, various market analysis and supply chain information. By doing so, the investor / sponsor have more information about their costs, benefits and risks in order to take the next step.


Why choose Hongda?

Hongda is committed to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners start, manage and grow their business with peace of mind at an affordable price. Our aim is to educate the entrepreneur on the legal and regulatory requirements and be a partner throughout the entire business life cycle, offering support to the company at every stage to make sure they are compliant and continually growing.


CTA of China Trademark Registration Checklist



Doing business with HONGDA is getting a share in our know-how, expertise and dedication. Our determination leaves our customers with peace in mind, as they know our passion and strive for perfection in all that we do.

To ensure that we keep pushing the boundaries of what our market can expect, we relentlessly strive for increased benefits of doing business with HONGDA. To declare our efforts, our daily work is based on 4 tangible, practical promises to our customers - and just as much to ourselves.



Consultation & Proposal

We (can) advise you on the best solution for your business model and send you our comprehensive proposal.


Signing & Payment

After reviewing the proposal, we sign the service contract and receive your payment.


Preparing Documents

We send you an application form as well as the list of documents we need from your side.


Take a Break

Sit back, relax and let us take care of everything from here on out.


Sound United

Jack Peng
Sound United Vice President > Asia Pacific

Sound United (a leading designer and manufacturer of consumer audio products in the US) has been using Hongda Business Services since 2013. Moving one's operations to China is not a small task, but Hongda's expert services helped us set up a company and deal with tax issues so we could get on with growing our business in no time at all, and that's why we continue to use them today.

Business Service Guides

Hongda Business Services helps foreign businesses looking to establish in the PRD (Pearl River Delta, Guangdong), Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong take advantage of everything that China has to offer. We typically work with companies in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.


How do I set up a company in Shenzhen or the PRD?

Prepare the shareholder certificate, letter of good standing from the bank. Find an office in China. Make the application (of course better find a professional agent in China to help you).

Do I need to have a foreign company to start a company in China?

No, you could also use your personal name to start the company in China.

What are the drawbacks of a WFOE / rep office / JV?

Rep.Office:High tax, could not hire Chinese employees directly.

WFOE/JV: Slow registration time.

The benefit of all is that if you aim to run a business in China, any will allow you to do so. 

Do I need to personally go to China to set up the company?

No, you dont. Hongda Business Services
can help you to do this while you are abroad.

Do I need an actual office space to register a WFOE / rep office / JV?

Luckily now, you dont. Hongda Business Services can provide the office address for registration. 

Which documentation do I need for a WFOE / Rep Office / JV?

Oversea investor's certificate, bank reference letter and office in China are the key documents for each company type. 


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