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Complete China Company Registration Package

No stress. Hongda’s experts take care of everything for just 5,600 USD: WFOE setup, and run one year of bookkeeping to keep you compliant.

Ready to take advantage of the Chinese market, but need help to set up your business in China?

More foreign companies than ever are taking advantage of the vibrant Chinese market, whether that be for registering B2B businesses such as providing Quality Control services, or forming a B2C business, such as importing and selling overseas products to Chinese consumers.

The problem is that starting a business in China is not as simple as it typically is in the West, requiring strong Chinese skills, knowledge of the confusing and bureaucratic procedures, and understanding of which documents to submit, where, and when.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to get expert local help to handle opening your Chinese company, and setting up compliant tax and accountancy to run legally and successfully in the future?

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Choose this China Company Registry Package and our experts will open your Chinese Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, and set up and handle your bookkeeping for a year.

Why Choose This Package?

Hongda’s tagline is: “China companies made easy.”

This package deal is the embodiment of this, as we take everything to do with starting a business in China out of your hands as our experts collate your documents, fill Chinese forms, make applications at different government offices, and walk your staff through the application in plain English!

The end result? A legal company, ready to start trading with confidence that it is compliant and has a bright future in China!

This saves you: Money, time, and stress. Leaving you to get on with the most important thing, running your business!

You'll Get:

  • A FREE face-to-face, or phone, consultation to discuss your plans, product or services, scope of business in China, and requirements in English before we start
  • All documents relating to the setup of the company type you require will be supplied, and we will assist you to fill them out
  • A totally legal Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China that allows you to trade (other company types can also be arranged, for instance a joint venture) - includes creation of Chinese company, Chinese company name, certificate of incorporation, and company stamp
  • A legally compliant bookkeeping system set up and run by our accountants for you for 1 year, including:
    • Preparation and posting journal entries
    • Preparing bank and cash reconciliation
    • Compiling balance sheet, expense summary and bank account reconciliation schedule on a monthly basis
    • Staff individual income tax declarations
    • Monthly and quarterly tax form completion
    • Annual check on last financial year
    • License renewal
  • Your own English-speaking account manager who is on hand to answer any questions and guide you through the process of opening your company, as well as offering advice once it is open too

Where Can You Take Advantage Of This Package?

This package is available in:

To register a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China the government demands an office address be obtained prior to the registration.

Hongda can offer an office address for registration purposes in Shenzhen for an additional fee if required, but for any cities outside of Shenzhen you must obtain an address separately. Hongda can always help assist you in finding an office address for registeration purposes regardless of the location that you want to set up your company in, please just ask your account manager to help you with this when choosing this package deal.


Surely there's a catch?

China Company Setup Timescale

There's no catch here! Take a closer look at what’s included:

One Year Bookkeeping Contract

  • (Includes: Journal entries, Reconciliation, Balance sheet, Expense summary, Monthly bank account reconciliation schedule, Staff individual income tax, Monthly & quarterly tax form completion, Annual check on last financial year, License renewal) Please note, this is priced at a far lower monthly cost than hiring your own in-house Chinese accountant.

Company setup timescale

  • WFOE = Around 15 working days

Recommended Services For New WFOEs That You May Be Interested In

The package outlined above gets your compliant company set up and ready to do business, but you may also find these services helpful:

Chinese business bank account setup

Hongda staff make an appointment with a recommended local Chinese bank to go and open a business bank account for your new WFOE. We will also assist in preparing the documents required for the meeting, and our staff accompany you to the meeting and speak with the bank to assure that the account is set up. We offer this service at an additional cost, please ask your account manager about this if required or contact us to request more information.

Hongda can also handle your foreign staff's China work visa application

Most foreign companies set up in China will require a certain number of foreign staff, commonly at least an official company representative (usually a director). Hongda also offer a China work visa application package for an additional cost, please ask your account manager about this if required or contact us to request more information. For more details on obtaining China work visas, please click here.

So, Are You Ready To Register Your China Company?

Now foreign companies don’t need to worry about not knowing how China company registration works.

This innovative package includes everything your company needs to operate legally in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai or Hainan.

Speak with our China business experts now if you’re considering starting a business in China. Click the button below to request your FREE consultation:

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