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Human Resources In Guangdong & Shenzhen

Find and keep the best people for the job in China

Why Outsourcing Your HR In Shenzhen & Guangdong Is A Good Idea

Human resources in China presents its own set of challenges for companies. In the case of foreign companies, such as China WFOEs, you may find that labour and employment laws in China are very different to those in your home nation that you may be accustomed to.

This leaves employers with a choice:

“Learn a whole new set of labour and employment laws, or outsource the HR to experts who will give you the best possible advice to suit your needs in China.”

The Problems With Handling HR In China

Whilst some knowledge of local employment law is important, learning it is not without its own problems:

  • The laws and regulations, as with any in China, are subject to change often and without notification and are exclusively in Chinese
  • It is difficult to know whether local (Chinese) HR staff are giving you the best advice and offering a good ROI on their hiring and salary costs

The Solution?

Rely on local experts in employment and labour law to look after your company’s human resources in China and undertake all of the above activities on your behalf.

Hongda's team of China HR experts have comprehensive knowledge of the latest laws and changes which may affect your business in Shenzhen or Guangdong province, and are therefore positioned to give you the best possible advice. By outsourcing your company's HR to Hongda Business Services you will gain:

  • More time to concentrate on your business
  • Less risk as there is no need to hire local HR staff
  • Lower costs, as our affordable costs are less than hiring and maintaining staff members

Companies can save time, cut risk, and lower costs by outsourcing Guangdong or Shenzhen HR to Hongda.

National & Shenzhen HR Services From Hongda Business Services

Hongda offer the following useful China HR services for your business:

  • Calculate and arrange payment of Social Insurance and Housing Fund contributions for your employees (foreign and local) to the correct government office
  • Draft and Sign 100% legal Labour contracts for foreign and local staff (in English and Chinese)
  • Assist your company in hiring staff with the qualifications you need
  • Employee file management, where Hongda will keep safely on file all relevant documents relating to the hiring, employment, and dismissal of each employee (such as their CV, ID, employment contract, and resignation letters)
  • Legal consultancy and interpretation of labour laws in case of a dispute
  • Conduct monthly payroll. You may not have an accountant on staff, or perhaps prefer to keep salary information confidential from employees, or perhaps you are a new company who has yet to set up a bank account. Hongda can pay staff for you, along with calculating their taxes etc.

Additional HR Service - Annual Labour System Audit

In addition to the above standard China HR services available from Hongda for companies in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and the PRD, we also offer:

Annual labour system audit: Hongda will audit your company’s labour system from top to bottom as a one off service, or annually. In doing this we will:

  • Draft and create labour rules for staff
  • Create a staff handbook for current staff and new hires
  • Train your HR to manage your staff according to local labour laws
  • Audit your business activities and the working method of staff to assess that everything is as efficient and legal as possible
  • Produce a report, in plain English, outlining the current labour system’s strengths, weaknesses, and give suggestions and options that can be followed to improve your business