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Cashier And Payroll Service For Chinese Companies

Save time by using our accountants to handle your banking, payroll, and other essentials.

Most foreign-owned companies in China really benefit from these time-saving services.

The good news is that they're included in the annual contract for the Bookkeeping, Tax Declaration & Tax Risk Management service.

Cashier Service (Annual)

  • Arrange payments to local suppliers and for office expenses*
  • Make staff reimbursements*
  • Handle company banking issues
  • Arrange the foreign currency operation (conversion to RMB, etc.)

* Hongda will follow your company policy and procedures when providing the first two services above.


  • Handle salary payments to local employees

Service Details

Any government fees that may be charged are not included - the costs of these and method of payments will be advised to you by Hongda as and when necessary.

This service is offered as a part of the Bookkeeping, Tax Declaration & Tax Risk Management service* and included in its cost. Click here to learn more about it. 

*This is a rolling annual contract that will automatically extend for a subsequent year if the two sides do not terminate the contract in writing at least one month before the contract’s end date.


No one likes wasting time on banking and payroll, especially if you have a business to run. Our accountants provide a convenient cashier service to handle this for you. Click below to speak to us about this.

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