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Hong Kong Company Registry

Discover why Hong Kong Company formation will benefit your business,and get yours set up correctly by our experts.

Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is Asia’s commercial and financial centre, and as such has always been welcoming for businesses.

Hong Kong companies require comparatively little investment by the foreign investors, and allow trade, invoicing, the hiring of staff, and transfer of capital abroad. The tax burden in Hong Kong is amongst the lowest in the world too!

They are also a good starting point for setting up a business in Mainland China, as Hong Kong company registry will usually make this simpler. Due to being limited liability companies, they also provide investor security for Chinese investments when they’re used as the investment holder.

Hong Kong companies must have at least one director who may be a foreigner, and at least one company secretary who is a Hong Kong national.

Foreigners do not need to live in Hong Kong to open a company there, but will need to visit in order to open a business bank account as part of the Hong Kong company formation process.


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Hong Kong offers low taxes, unrestricted flow of capital and information, and world-class infrastructure. Your company must consider it as a gateway to Asia.

Reasons You Need To Consider Hong Kong Company Registry

Hong Kong company formation offers these benefits for foreign investors:

  • A presence in Hong Kong, gateway to China and SE Asia
  • Access to low corporate and individual taxes
  • Easy and fast corporation
  • Simple tax and accounting requirements
  • ‘Western’ legal system
  • Efficient and mature business banking
  • Unrestricted flow of capital and information
  • World class infrastructure and communication facilities
  • Low investment of just HK$10,000
  • Annual tax audits
  • No need to live in Hong Kong
  • Virtual office addresses are permitted

Hongda Business Services can register a Hong Kong company and have your business up and running there in just 1 day!

How Does Hongda Business Services' Hong Kong Company Registration Process Happen?

Hong Kong company registration is less involved than its Mainland Chinese counterpart, and therefore this is a service that should take only around 2 weeks or so to complete! However it can be confusing to foreigners as the process is not too clear.

Hongda are experts in Hong Kong company registration, and will get your Hong Kong company up and running with the minimum of hassle for you. You do not even need to be in Asia for us to do this for you!


Hong Kong companies are the perfect stepping stone to opening a company in Mainland China.

The Perfect China Company Stepping Stone

Starting a company in Mainland China by using a Hong Kong company as the investment vehicle may be preferable for the following reasons:

  • Limited liability for investors because the Hong Kong company is the investment vehicle instead of the investor being personally liable
  • The credit rating of the Hong Kong company may be a better option when applying to register a Mainland China company

Get professional help to open your HK company and save a lot of stress. 
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