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Chinese Hong Kong Services Overview

Hong Kong, as an international business and financial hub, offers a stable commercial environment, efficient legal system, and accounting standards aligned with international norms. Its simple and low tax regime attracts numerous multinational companies to establish regional headquarters. Hong Kong's strategic location also serves as a crucial bridge connecting mainland China and the Asia-Pacific region, providing vast market potential and business opportunities. Let's explore how Hongda can assist you in starting your business journey here.


Business in Hong Kong: See What Hongda Can Help You

Welcome to Hongda’s Hong Kong service page! We are committed to providing international investors with a one-stop solution for business in Hong Kong, covering company formation, bank account opening, and accounting and auditing services. Our goal is to offer comprehensive support for your business growth in Hong Kong. Our experienced team ensures your business complies with Hong Kong's legal and financial standards, leveraging the city's business advantages to expand your global footprint. Please click the title of each service for detailed information.


1.    Hong Kong Company Registration

Hong Kong offers business opportunities to foreign investors while you can keep complete ownership of the company, giving you the opportunity to pursue your success in finances, trading, E-commerce, healthcare, education, and travel and hospitality. It is easy to obtain international credit and reputation by taking advantage of the popularity of Hong Kong, and taking the benefits of the diversified financing channels while enjoying the low tax rate. We can help you with the registration of business entities including limited liability company (LLC), sole proprietorship, partnership, and foreign company office in Hong Kong, and guide you through the material and document preparation, registration application submission to finally obtaining the Certificate of Incorporation.


2.    Hong Kong Bank Account Opening

Although the difficulty of opening Hong Kong company bank account has increased due to strong international anti-money launching measure and the huge due diligence cost from new businesses to the banks, Hongda is dedicated to helping you maximize the success rate of opening your Hong Kong bank account and make your application easy with cost-effective and time-saving solutions. Hongda will help you gather documents including the application form, certification of business license, audited financial statements, and any other necessary materials so that you might enjoy remote bank account opening services without visiting Hong Kong yourself.


3.    Hong Kong Company Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation Services

The accounting requirements in Hong Kong can be quite similar to that you may have already been familiar with when doing business overseas, but slight differences still exist. Choosing Hongda’s Hong Kong bookkeeping and accounting services will provide analysis and assistance to improve your management level. Besides, our yearly maintenance and financial auditing services will also help you meet the requirement by the Companies Ordinance. Carefully taxation planning is highly suggested to run your company in Hong Kong more effectively. Why not choose Hongda’s Hong Kong company annual financial service package to cover all these?


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Doing business with HONGDA is getting a share in our know-how, expertise and dedication. Our determination leaves our customers with peace in mind, as they know our passion and strive for perfection in all that we do.

To ensure that we keep pushing the boundaries of what our market can expect, we relentlessly strive for increased benefits of doing business with HONGDA. To declare our efforts, our daily work is based on 4 tangible, practical promises to our customers - and just as much to ourselves.



Consultation & Proposal

We (can) advise you on the best solution for your business model and send you our comprehensive proposal.


Signing & Payment

After reviewing the proposal, we sign the service contract and receive your payment.


Preparing Documents

We send you an application form as well as the list of documents we need from your side.


Take a Break

Sit back, relax and let us take care of everything from here on out.


Sound United

Jack Peng
Sound United Vice President > Asia Pacific

Sound United is the leading designer and manufacturer of consumer audio products in the US. Sound United has been using Hongda since 2013. Moving one’s operation to China is not a small task, But Hongda’s expert services helped us set up a company and deal with tax issues so we could get on with growing our business in no time at all, and that’s why we continue to use them today.


Business Service Guidance

Hongda Business Services helps foreign businesses looking to establish in the PRD (Pearl River Delta, Guangdong), Shanghai and Hong Kong take advantage of everything that China has to offer. We typically work with companies in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.


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