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Blog What The Heck Is The QianHai Special Economic Zone? [Free eBook]

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What The Heck Is The QianHai Special Economic Zone? [Free eBook]

by Bobby Lee | 02 May 2016


For foreign businesses, finding the right place to open your company in China is a crucial decision which has a great effect on your future success.

But deciding on where to be in such a vast and foreign country is tough. You're faced with many decisions: To be in the north or south, a tier 1 or smaller city, near the coast or inland, and in a CBD or on the outskirts near manufacturing areas.

The location is only one element too, as you need to consider the logistics of being based where you are, how to set up a company in that area, the tax burden for your industry, hiring staff, import export rules, and more.

Thankfully our home city of Shenzhen, in Guangdong province's Pearl River Delta area, has a very special new economic zone that could be the answer, and we've created a FREE eBook to explain just 'What The Heck Is The QianHai Special Economic Zone?' that you can download now!

Could the QianHai Special Economic Zone be the correct place for your business?

Could the QianHai Special Economic Zone be the correct place for your business

But what the heck is QianHai?! I hear you cry.

To give it its full and proper name, "The Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone" is a groundbreaking new zone which is tasked with reforming the whole of China's financial system. 

It is also extremely important to the Chinese government to encourage foreign companies in certain niches to choose to incorporate here. These include: 

  • Finance
  • High-Tech Manufacturing 
  • Modern Services (IT, consultancy, business, Logistics, Telecommunications, Green & Renewables, Startups From Young Entrepreneurs, Animation, Scientific & Research).


Learn how to set up a company in QianHai & its benefits to you by downloading the FREE eBook: 'What The Heck Is The QianHai Special Economic Zone?'

QianHai's Many Benefits To You

QianHais Benefits To You

How do you encourage a company to set up in a certain place?

The Chinese government has come up with some pretty incredible benefits for would-be QianHai companies.

These include and are not limited to:

  • Free rent on business and housing for startups
  • Tax breaks for startups
  • Lower tax rates than Hong Kong for workers and businesses
  • RMB loans at low HK interest rates
  • Investment opportunities for certain industries
  • Easy company setup rules
  • Special dispensations for Hong Kong and Macau businesses and workers allowing them to operate more freely and easily on the Mainland
  • Superior internet, telecoms, schools, shopping, and medical care than usual Mainland standards
  • World class logistics
  • Road, rail, and air links to China and beyond

In short, QianHai is modelled on Hong Kong and offers a very similar modern business environment, but in Mainland China.

That's why here at Hongda Business Services our China business experts have created this FREE eBook which serves as an introduction to the QianHai Zone, its purpose, benefits, and how to set up a company in QianHai.

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Here's Why YOU Should Read This eBook!

Any company who is currently interested in having a presence in China will learn what makes QianHai special and how to benefit from its tax breaks and other benefits by reading 'What The Heck Is The QianHai Special Economic Zone?

You will gain a deeper understanding of:

  • What QianHai is
  • The government's aims and how they affect you
  • The 4 key industries the zone welcomes
  • Benefits to foreign companies based there and how to get them
  • How to set up a company in QianHai

As you can see, this is a move away from the low-cost manufacture that China has been best known for in the past. So not only is QianHai at the forefront of modernising China's financial industry, but it is also a window into China's future; a future of modern services and high technology.


Ready To Grab Your Copy?

What The Heck Is The QianHai Special Economic Zone Free eBook Download

No problem, it's 100% FREE and suitable for most business types with a focus on services and high tech manufacturing, no matter if you're an old China hand, or just starting out, 'What The Heck Is The QianHai Special Economic Zone?' is a thorough introduction to this fascinating, vibrant, and exciting new development in China and its numerous business benefits.

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OK, let's do this!

Click the button below and download your copy today to get acquainted with what's set to be one of the most important business areas in China in the last 2 decades and start harnessing the many financial benefits on offer:

what the heck is the qianhai special economic zone eBook 


Feel free to ask us any questions directly that you may have about QianHai, and doing business in China or Hong Kong, below by leaving a comment. 

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Bobby Lee

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