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Blog 21 quick facts about the QianHai Special Economic Zone [Infographic]

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21 quick facts about the QianHai Special Economic Zone [Infographic]

by Bobby Lee | 18 May 2016

Getting to know more about the QianHai Special Economic Zone

Anybody that knows something about Shenzhen will most certainly have heard about the 'new' Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation zone within its borders, more commonly known as the QianHai Special Economic Zone.

Whilst at Hongda we have already written about this special zone before, this time around we have gone through the effort of compiling an infographic that shares 21 quick facts about:

  • The different areas of the QianHai Special Economic Zone
  • Its preferential policies for foreign companies
  • What the zone is expected to generate in terms of jobs and GDP
  • Why the zone is so special

Let's take a closer look at what makes QianHai 'THE' place to be for foreign enterprises in southern China below...

 21 Quick Facts Behind the QianHai Special Economic Zone (infographic)

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QianHai is set to become a major innovation hub that will serve the collective community and help promote closer ties between the mainland and Hong Kong by leveraging its key logistics links, financial institutions, schools and hospitals. 

It's revolutionary policies and reforms, particularly with regards to RMB convertability, will serve as a platform for further RMB internationalization and much needed market reform.

And, of course, the youthful city of Shenzhen will become an increasingly attractive place for local and foreign startups that will help to propel it to even greater heights than one could've imagined some 35 years ago.  

What are your thoughts on the QianHai Special Economic Zone and its place in the development of China's future?

Are you planning on setting up a company in the zone? If so, in which industry?

Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below!


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