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Blog Shenzhen is THE place for starting a business in China! [Infographic]

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Shenzhen is THE place for starting a business in China! [Infographic]

by Bobby Lee | 13 January 2016

Business in China:  What you need to know about Shenzhen (infographic)Business in China at its finest

Shenzhen, the brainchild of former statesman Deng Xiaoping, and the PRC's first shot at creating an experimental ground for practice of market capitalism, is a modern day marvel that has far exceeded the expectations of everyone involved in bringing it to the heights it has achieved in its short history.

Shenzhen is a magical place that has many reasons why it is such a hospitable place for starting a business in China, and that's why we've compiled an infographic with remarkable facts and figures that prove exactly why starting a business in Shenzhen is a great option for foreign businesses!

Business in Shenzhen (in numbers) 


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These facts and figures really do go a long way to showcasing Shenzhen's exponential growth in just 35 years andwhy it'sone of the most saught after cities for foreign companies who're looking at starting a business in China!

It is amazing that Shenzhen has managed to do so much in such a short space of time. Eclipsing one of Asia's most popular business hubs, Hong Kong, as the most competitive city to do business in China is surely one of its greatest feats, and a strong indication of the continued prosperity that is set to follow!


What do YOU think about Shenzhen?

Are you already doing business in China? Which city are you based in, and what do you do?

Are you currently considering starting a business in Shenzhen? When? Which of these facts and figures astounds you the most?

Please leave us a comment below and let us know what your thoughts are!


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Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee

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