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Combined China Company Setup & Work Visa Application Offer (Q1 2022)

by Angel Ho | 24 January 2022

One of our most popular services is our 'Complete China Company Registration Package' where Hongda assist you by opening and providing you with a fully functioning and fully compliant company in China to start doing business.

If opening your new business in China and trading here legally is a priority for your business right now, we have good news. For a limited period of time during Q1 of 2022 (January 15th to February 28th)*, we're also offering a complimentary work permit application for your first foreign member of staff (often the legal representative).

*Please note: The offer only applies to customers who submitted an initial consultation request for this service after Jan 15th.

Here's how it all works...

What's included in the company registration package?

Hongda's complete Complete China Company Registration Package includes the following:

  • A FREE face-to-face, or phone, consultation to discuss your plans, product or services, scope of business in China, and requirements in English before we start
  • All documents relating to the setup of the company type you require will be supplied, and we will assist you to fill them out
  • A totally legal Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China that allows you to trade (other company types can also be arranged, for instance a joint venture) - includes creation of Chinese company, Chinese company name, certificate of incorporation, and company stamp
  • A legally compliant bookkeeping system set up and run by our accountants for you for 1 year, including:
    • Preparation and posting journal entries
    • Preparing bank and cash reconciliation
    • Compiling balance sheet, expense summary and bank account reconciliation schedule on a monthly basis
    • Staff individual income tax declarations
    • Monthly and quarterly tax form completion
    • Annual check on last financial year
    • License renewal
  • Your own English-speaking account manager who is on hand to answer any questions and guide you through the process of opening your company, as well as offering advice once it is open too

Where Can You Take Advantage Of This Package?

This package is available in:

To register a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China the government demands an office address be obtained prior to the registration.

Hongda can offer an office address for registration purposes in Shenzhen for an additional fee if required, but for any cities outside of Shenzhen you must obtain an address separately. Hongda can always help assist you in finding an office address for registeration purposes regardless of the location that you want to set up your company in, please just ask your account manager to help you with this when choosing this package deal.

Do we need to set up a WFOE?

If you're planning on doing business in China, probably, yes. Especially if you're planning on selling products or services in China. In that case, the ability to provide invoices is a must. 

Even if you don't sell in China, but you're buying from Chinese suppliers and exporting, you'll have an easier time dealing with them if you're a local company (you can settle invoices in RMB locally and they might offer you better payment terms, for example).

Once the company is set up you'll have a number of great benefits, such as the ability to do business on the same footing as local Chinese companies, receiving and providing invoices in RMB, transferring profits in USD back out of China, no need for a Chinese business partner, and the ability to hire both foreign and local staff.

Learn more about the pros & cons of having your own WFOE in China.


The additional work permit application

Hongda usually charges for assisting applicants to gain their Chinese work permit. However, from January 15th to February 28st, we're providing anyone who signs up for a Complete China Company Registration Package with their first* foreign member of staff's application for free

*Additional applications will still be charged as normal, but this at least allows you to get your legal representative or whoever is going to be based in China sorted along with the WFOE setup.

Having the complete documents available, Hongda will now apply for your China Work Permit and Residence Permit. Over the course of the visa application Hongda will:

  • Evaluate applicant situation and provide an appropriate visa application plan.
  • Guide the applicant through the application process of documentation gathering, form filling, health check, and police and government office visits
  • Provide mock interviews
  • Lodge the application with the relevant government departments


How long does the process take?

WFOE setup will take around 1o work days and can be done remotely (you may need to post some official documents to China, such as the legal representative's passport, which will subsequently be securely returned).

Work permit applications may take a little longer than usual due to the Covid-9 pandemic, but it IS possible for foreign staff to be granted a work permit and travel to China as long as they undertake the usual quarantine period.


What does it cost?

The Complete China Company Registration Package + 1 China work visa application costs US$3888 and will be running between January 15st to February 28th*. Please contact us to discuss your company setup plan!

*Please note: The offer only applies to customers who submitted an initial consultation request for this service after Jan 15th.


Associated services: Opening a Bank Account in China

The process, features, requirements and documents for opening a bank account remotely depends on the bank, the account type and whether the company is registered in Mainland China or offshore. In most cases, you will be able to open a bank account virtually through online video chat.

*Opening a bank account service will still be charged as normal.


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